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I went to Art College. I paint and like to make things. This is what I have in common with most artists, not art college, but that we are makers of things.

Image Transfers

              Image Transfer on Oil and Cold Wax I have quickly created this blog post as a result of several inquiries on my process.  I will edit it sometime later and add more photos … Continue reading

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Art Meets Emergency Room

I probably had about 100 collages under my belt the night my art took me to the hospital. This was several years ago.  I had just finished a collage and it was about 11 pm.  The collage piece of art … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Castles in the Sky

Clouds This weekend seemed to revolve around clouds.  Didn’t take me long to figure out that a lot more observation and cloud studies are on the menu.  Clouds have many reflected colours and their shape is defined by shadows. The … Continue reading

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Is it done yet?

One of my creative struggles is with overworking the art.  Just one more tweak to a branch, one more glaze to the dark, one more lifting of the colour to get the light back. I try to restrain myself and … Continue reading

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Studio Space

There are eleven rooms in my house.  Over the years my studio at one time or another has been in 4 of these rooms.  I started in the basement and 20 years later, I am back in the basement.  I … Continue reading

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