Art Meets Emergency Room

I probably had about 100 collages under my belt the night my art took me to the hospital.
This was several years ago.  I had just finished a collage and it was about 11 pm.  The collage piece of art consisted of hand dyed silk, altered watercolour paper with acrylic and the porcupine quills.  Everything was glued, nothing was going anywhere, except when I brushed my hand flat against the piece to remove those tricky little art crumbs.

Three porcupine quills embedded into the side of my finger and they were not coming out.
Yes, it hurt, a lot.  Calmly but in shock I snipped off two of the three inches of length.  Mistake!  No way were those quills going to be removed by myself, if anything the barb dug in and expanded, so off to the hospital emergency I went, red face and all.

Thanks to the E.R. Doc a little freezing and out they popped.  I am ever so humble after that experience and have a great deal of respect now for the tools of my trade.  In hindsight I am really glad that I use peroxide on my quills before I embellish with them.

P.S. Tetanus shots are good things.

studio tour collage phases 012

collage studio tour 004

collage studio tour 006



About Heather MacIntosh

I went to Art College. I paint and like to make things. This is what I have in common with most artists, not art college, but that we are makers of things.
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1 Response to Art Meets Emergency Room

  1. Cathy says:

    Glad to hear it all turned out well. Those pieces will definitely be memorable!


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