Gelli Prints


For the second consecutive year I have taught gelli printing at the Halls Creek Festival of Creativity.  What an amazing opportunity for myself and visitors at this outdoor festival.  The focus of the festival is encouraging visitors to take a hands on class is various mediums -soapstone carving, oil sticks, acrylic painting, collage making, jewellery making, etc. There are artists exhibiting and demonstrating their work, live bands, and all sorts of wonderful creative activities.
I taught 6 classes in gelli printing.  The supplies were all set up and all students had to do was sit down, watch and listen to my 10 minute tutorial and then make art!
Cost to the students was a modest $2.00 entrance fee into the park.











This was an interesting exercise.  I enjoyed this small gelli print so much that I scaled it up and used the composition to reference a much larger painting.  The large painting was created with oil and cold wax medium.


Gelli Print


Oil and Cold Wax






-Private Collection


Gelli Print on Panel with Oil and Cold Wax -Private Collection