Ice Cream Castles in the Sky

This weekend seemed to revolve around clouds.  Didn’t take me long to figure out that a lot more observation and cloud studies are on the menu.  Clouds have many reflected colours and their shape is defined by shadows.

The molding paste that I used gave me the predetermined shapes with not too much forgiveness.  As always I seem to stay pretty close to the bar theory when it comes to composition.  With the first painting I started with a yellow ground which I think was very helpful as a starting off point.  Forgot to use it on the last two however.

These are small scale paintings 6 X 12 and I am grateful that I finally found just the right rendering for these wooden panels.  I seem to live dangerously when buying art supplies, sometimes I just go for the sizes and worry later how I will use them.

The colours used for the sky was a mix of manganese blue hue, titanium white and paynes gray.  The sky and clouds have many glazes applied one at a time of quin burnt orange, yellow ochre, and hansa yellow.  Shadows courtesy of micaceous iron oxide.

No brushes used in these paintings, only soft rags, palette knife and q tips.

clouds 001

clouds 006last clouds 002


About Heather MacIntosh

I went to Art College. I paint and like to make things. This is what I have in common with most artists, not art college, but that we are makers of things.
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